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Alana Matcha

Alana Ceremonial-Grade Matcha

Alana Ceremonial-Grade Matcha

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Sip into serenity. Our ceremonial-grade matcha was crafted for you to nourish your wellbeing and embrace your essence. Inspire your mind and elevate your daily ritual with a conscious mantra found on our tin. With 30 servings of a vibrant, antioxidant-rich matcha—our matcha is incredibly smooth and delicious, infusing tranquility and pure indulgence into your daily self-care practice. Receive inner radiance through a smooth source vitality throughout your day.

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Matcha Latte Intructions

Step 1: Ingredients

For the perfect latte, first make sure you have the following: Alana Matcha, water, your preferred milk, and optionally your preferred sweetener.

Step 2: Heat Water

Matcha is usually prepared in hot water no more than 175ºF. Different flavors are brought out at different temperatures below 175ºF, so we recommend experimenting to find your favorite flavor! In general, hotter water will make for a more tea-like flavor, and cooler water for a more naturally mellow and sweet flavor.

Step 3: Mix Matcha

Add a splash of water to your matcha and stir gently to create a smooth paste. Continue adding about 1-2 ounces of water and gently whisk to create a smooth, frothy matcha with no clumps. Aim for soft, rapid movement of the whisk in a W or side-to-side motion.

Step 4: Add Milk

Pour your matcha into a cup of your preferred milk. For a hot latte, first heat your milk and froth separately.

Step 5: Sweeten & Enjoy

If desired, sweeten your matcha latte to taste. Give it a final stir, and sip into serenity!

Customer Reviews

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Pooja Chopra
Excellent product

Love the matcha. I tried using matcha with almond milk and came out very delicious. Love the container. It is very cute. Hope to get some Christmas gifts for my colleagues. Please get some holiday packaging.

Claire Wenrick
Energized all day

I used to have energy drinks or coffee before work and would still always get tired towards the end of the day. A coworker told me about matcha keeping you energized longer, and since I tried it I’ve never looked back. Alana is the freshest and best tasting matcha I’ve had. Love it!

Avi Arora
BEST matcha i've ever had!

Seriously the best matcha i've ever had. cheaper than expensive store ones, and better than any other i've tasted.